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Al Gore sold Current TV Network to Al Jazeera for $500 million but Al Jazeera has probably found the deal wasn't that lucrative and have refused to pay Al Gore. Mr fake global warming guy aka Al Gore has sued Al Jazeera.
What are orbs? Have you ever wondered where they come from and what they are for? And are they spiritual in origin or technological? Captain Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn answers these questions and unravels the mystery. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
We live in an age permeated by humanism. It has invaded nearly every aspect of our lives. Humanism has brought radical, destructive changes to our institutions, especially the church.
The next time you feel like you are just not important remember that you are. Everyone was born for a purpose and should pursue their dreams and aspirations to utilize their talents that they were given. That is what makes the world a better place for us all.
If you travel around the south, you can easily distinguish the indigenous populace from the invaders by observing their porches. It is a long standing tradition not yet understood by our neighbors from the north.
We have a saying down here in the south, “what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.” In light of global developments or lack thereof, here are some of my thoughts regarding just that.
Sign up now and get one month free with a year of free camel lodging, limit one per customer. When no else wants your sorry carcass even your family or former allies, you are always welcome here.
It probably started in the Stone Ages, cavemen tossing rocks into caves with messages chiseled on them until said cave dwellers had to relocate or club the spam rock throwers over the head.
I seem to recall a time when high grades reflected a sign of higher intelligence. Here are some areas where we obviously are lacking a passing grade and possible ideas for improvement, lest we repeat past failures.
*Credit for this article goes to a friend of mine for compiling and setting forth this information.* Well, i'll assume you all know about the very famous global warming. It seems to be destroying our environment, changing the weather and even changing the globe as we know it. So basi...
these are some of the famous people who died on December 15th Walt Disney, Lillian Disney, Oral Roberts, Glenn Miller
A personal look at the world environment day and what it means and what its the implications.
We are not experiencing a climate change of global warming, carbon emissions don't actually kill off the environment, and Al Gore is a phony.
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