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While listening to a Wayne Dyer tape I responded to a challenge which entailed taking a walk in a dark woods in the early hours of a day. This short piece talks about that stroll in the woods, and the joy I experienced as a result.
It is better to go to bed early and take rest of minimum 6 to 7 hours daily and wake up early. You can use alarm piece or cell phone for wake up call, practice to go early to bed and to wake up early.
Cooperation is seen as a major instrument for the survival of man in the environment, it is the partnership and support that is received by man from other organisms, physical, biological and the chemical combination of the environment to sustained him in the process of life. ...
This poem is about birth and death. The time is recorded somewhere on someones birth as well on death. Time is a witness for lot of things happening in life !
Alarm clocks can seem like little more than the start to a bad day. What can be done to make your wake-up routine more palatable to your mood and a better springboard for good days? This article explores the deeper issues involved with not being able to get up.
It is not enough that we protect ourselves while travelling, protect our home will be the next important thing to prepare before departure.
The Lonely planet book of everything suggests by Nigel holmes advices travellers safety tricks and tips while in the hotel room
Sleep is essential to our well being, how we go through the day depends on it. this informs about waking patterns and the problems associated with it.
This is just a light-hearted look at the steps many of us go through before heading off to work. It tends to become quite ritualistic, but that's human nature's way of coping with the inevitable!
This write-up is an overview of my mornings. My mornings starts at 4.00 am everyday.
An essay I have written on the size of house I prefer and why.
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