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Old Rugby players never die or give up, they just go on and go on facing each life's new challenges with a renewed effort.
Recent headlines point out the possibility of losing the honeybee forever. Albert Einstein never talked about bees and their importance to humanity. But he should have.
How did Sir Albert become himself? Let us know how was his life.
Mother Teresa is a phenomenon in the God's creation. The poem 'LIFE' is well-known as a great quote from her wonderful sayings. This is an attempt to understand what is LIFE and its interpretation from each line in that poem. Here, I examine how 'Life is an adventure' and how to 'dar...
Lord Shiva’s dance depicts the cosmic dance. It portrays the dance of the sub-atomic particles. It leads to the ultimate truth of the universe which the Cern scientists claim they have found out through discovery of the God particles. Modern Physics and Hindu religion are deeply con...
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Terminator Seeds, neonicotinoid pesticides and the increasingly harsh winters due to the greenhouse effect are all contributors to the devastating decline of the humble bee
Though Mayan calendar has ended with relief, we have reached crossroad in our history. Time to take a deep breath. Business as usual is no more a viable option as further divisions and hatred will doom us in an increasingly inter-connected world. Repeating our follies will lead us bey...
Learn how eminent scientist Albert Einstein was belittled and snubbed by the Nobel Prize Committee. And how he was delayed the Nobel Prize in Physics. Why he was belittled? What went on behind the scenes? What happened? Here are the most interesting facts dug out for you from the hist...
Any sentence which gives a message becomes a quotation for me. A good quotation is one which impulsively touches ones heart and provokes one's brain the moment we come across it! I think it should have the quality of evoking the consciousness in an individual!
Inspiring quote by an outstanding genius about health and what I think of it.
In today's world, many events are happening and bad occurrences keep on occurring. And people begin to wonder if there is really a supreme being called God. Some blame Him for the existence of poverty and others say He should have known how to prevent war. Is there really God? If yes,...
Albert Einstein was a genius. He is rightly called the father of modern physics.
[b]I have always been fascinated by time, and why we cant control it[/b] or can we? [i]Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore, So do our minutes hasten to their end.[/i] ~ William Shakespeare
This is a book review of an underrated yet amazingly and intricately done pre- and post-war classic. Be stunned with the vivid mental picture of one of the best World War II classic.
Man is a curious rational animal and his curiosity led him to discoveries and inventions, including--why, dear Lord?--splitting the atom!
This article takes a close look at Albert Einstein's horoscope in terms of what made him unique as a man and as a scientist.
Some things we can fight, some things we cant, some things we have to accept, some things we dont...all the thoughts and words in this article are mine, but I think I speak for many.
Donald Beres Jr's Notes: On the Story. "The Poet" a story of Biblical per portions by Sinbad the Sailor Man. Section One the opening for the encounter. These are my personal notes and are jumbled up and have weird caps and things in quotations and brackets and in parentheses for...
Here is a collection of my personal favorite quotes regarding patriotism.
A fusion could also change a little mass into a lot of energy. This time by putting light nuclei together to make heavier ones. This is what the sun and other stars make to produce energy. They say that supply for fusion could be almost unlimited since a suitable fuel for a fusion rea...
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