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Is any of your family member, friends or colleagues an alcohol addict? Recovering from drug addiction to living a healthy, positive life is not an easy one. The individual has to be committed, hardworking and ready to live a changed life. If you are unwilling to give up using drugs, t...
Being drunk. It can be funny, serious, a tragedy, a fun time, a time of puking, a sign of weak self control, whatever. But is it still cool, and do you need to be drunk in order to have friends? Yeah.
Here you can find out the various method of recovery from Drug and other alcohol addiction. Various people want to leave and looking for rehab center. How to find good rehab center and got the stay healthy with rehab center
Alcoholism has been one of the major impediments to self-actualization. At some point, alcohol ruins countless lives and continue to wreck the lives of many
When you have lived life, like I have, there are plenty of regrets, so many in fact that you will never remember all them, but you will forever be thankful for the woman who stood by you, who had faith in you. I really don't think you will need pictures for these words...Thanks for re...
Hollywood despite its sparkling looks is beset with demons. Quite a few Hollywood actors and actresses seem to be afflicted with depression, drugs and alcohol abuse.
Here are some ideas, and my thoughts on how to live life in recovery, and to live with long term sobriety in your life from my own experiences with drinking and abusing alcohol.
Rehab treatment or detox center is a great place to any individuals who have problems with drug and alcohol addiction. Find out the benefits of rehab treatment for substance abuser to help them cure from substance addiction.
How do you know if you or your loved one is alcoholic? Here I have listed 5 signs to easily recognise an alcoholic.
This story is a non fictional account of my experience as a 15 year old construction laborer on Elliott Key off the coast of Homestead, Fl.
The whole page is about teenagers and their behavior pattern.
This page is about the police man who killed his own mother
This article is about Alcohol addicts.. Who are spoiling their life and peace
Addiction is insidious and deadly, but need not destroy you and your famiy. There are measures that can be taken in the interest of prevention and intervention; but one must first possess the information that this professional provides.
Alcoholism in my youth.... Reality in full effect as I see my children drink. I used to sneak in bars and sit there with someone and act like I belonged there. I got away with it from the age of 16. No I am not proud of it and wish I could turn back the hands of time and recreate my...
Here let me pour another drink I heard him say No problem could not be solved by drinking It was clear to me That in that bottle it held many souls Lost to the demons that could harbor in their mind Wicked thoughts that flew from the lips No longer could they refrain from the pit Dig...
I am using this same article in Mypage5, Experts column, mylot with the same name. I am the real author of this article
Here is an update on my brother's life whilst being an alcoholic and what it finally did to him.
A poem on Drug abuse (and a plea for more therapy and harm reduction)
My brother was an alcoholic. Read this to understand what alcohol can do to you and how it can ruin your life and your health.
Social drinkers will take some good drinks which is good for our health and avoid addiction with it.
As you sit there enjoying a regular pint or two, supping with your mates on a Friday night..just be aware how easy it is to slip down that slippery slope to alcoholism..It gives you no warning, just creeps up on you slowly...but it can destroy your world, and those around you ... When...
Information about elderly alcoholism assistance and detox.
Drinking can cause osteoporosis in teenagers according to the latest research.
A short story on obsession and how it can affect one's peace of mind and how it conflicts with one's passion.
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