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The holidays are fast approaching and too much alcohol consumption can cause a lot of problems. This article talks about the tips to stay away from alcohol and what to do if you drink too much.
Alcoholism has been one of the major impediments to self-actualization. At some point, alcohol ruins countless lives and continue to wreck the lives of many
Whether you are celebrating Christmas, New Years, St. Patrick's Day or just out for a good time, beware of your alcohol consumption.
The whole page is about teenagers and their behavior pattern.
I am using this same article in Mypage5, Experts column, mylot with the same name. I am the real author of this article
Here is an update on my brother's life whilst being an alcoholic and what it finally did to him.
A poem on Drug abuse (and a plea for more therapy and harm reduction)
My brother was an alcoholic. Read this to understand what alcohol can do to you and how it can ruin your life and your health.
Parties, weddings, birthdays ... every occasion is good to have a drink, but sometimes the occasional consumption of alcohol can become a real addiction. Here is some information about alcoholism, a thorny problem, and unfortunately all too common.
Let us have a trip inside our body and see what happens to our organs when alcohol is taken into the system.
It is my personal experience that many alcoholics, simply tend towards slow death and short of suicide.Those who live with such alcoholics, should also be charged for being accomplice to their fateful end.
As a proverb says, alcohol is a scourge of humanity, but in small amounts probably good for people. As the show is still new scientific studies, non-drinkers to die sooner than those who are alcohol does not. Why is this so? New research seeks to explain this phenomenon.
According to medical professionals, alcoholism is not just a social and behavioral problem, but a chronic, progressive, and sometimes fatal disease.
Alcohol poisoning in pets needs professional intervention immediately.
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