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Alcoholism is a common problem in the world today. The problem is if you don’t get it under control, it can ruin your life. Getting into a rehabilitation center is a great idea but stopping on your own is still an option you can try.
A look at the metamorphosis a person undergoes while drinking
The use and abuse of "hard" and "soft" drugs, the excessive consumption of alcohol and the smoking of cigarettes can all have serious medical effects on the individual. The statistical facts about addiction to each of these forms of self-indulgence are well known. But although most ad...
The dark and murky waterways of the Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee Rivers are home to some of the most malevolent and mischievous ghosts of the south, and the Delta Queen steamboat with her eloquent steam paddle wheel, who rides quietly along those rivers is considered one of the mos...
Being drunk. It can be funny, serious, a tragedy, a fun time, a time of puking, a sign of weak self control, whatever. But is it still cool, and do you need to be drunk in order to have friends? Yeah.
Have you ever felt like you were part of history in the making? I don't mean watching a world event happen on TV. What I mean is just going about your regular routine and suddenly it becomes part of history. Well that is exactly how I felt on, Friday June 11, 2007.
The 18th Amendment was intended to bring a positive change to the United States, but the ban on alcohol actually led to more consumption than before. Speakeasies flourished during that time period, and countered any efforts of prohibitionists.
The newly elected Mayor of Barcelona is set to fight touristy hordes and I strongly agree with her.
The following is the new series on prohibition and how women fought to have alcohol banned during the era known as prohibition.
Here you can find out the various method of recovery from Drug and other alcohol addiction. Various people want to leave and looking for rehab center. How to find good rehab center and got the stay healthy with rehab center
Alcoholism has been one of the major impediments to self-actualization. At some point, alcohol ruins countless lives and continue to wreck the lives of many
A variety of subjects according to what my mind decides to create when the moment to write arrives.
If you are drinking be a responsible drinker if you are hosting a party be responsible for the drinkers at your party.
This article is the opinion of the writer. He believes that democracy, together with most other modern forms of Government, are destroying the Earth, through their greed. It seems to me that the native persons, living long ago, had a better answer than does modern man today. This a...
This is a quick poem I wrote this morning while trying to make sense of what is going on with my relationship.
Here is my public diary for consumption and critique. I hope you enjoy reading it.
Halloween or All Hollow’s Eve and some of its traditions.
When you have lived life, like I have, there are plenty of regrets, so many in fact that you will never remember all them, but you will forever be thankful for the woman who stood by you, who had faith in you. I really don't think you will need pictures for these words...Thanks for re...
It's important to have aims, but most important of all is to dedicate time and discipline to fulfill them to succeed.
The volume of nipa palm sap which can be served as fresh juice drink, can be processed into wine or alcohol or even sugar and collected from the fruit stalk can be increased tremendously with this new technique.
Orgasm not only enhances the intimate relationship between partners, but also stimulate communication between them.
TheCasablanca Inn at the Bay is listed as one of St. Augustine's most haunted establishments and for good reason, the ghosts are more then evident to all who stay at the elegant boarding house. Built in 1914 and restored in 1941, the Mediterranean revival style bed and breakfast inn t...
This article is one person's opinion on the use of alcohol, and about its affects for someone who is trying to walk on a spiritual path, and endeavouring to increase their awareness and consciousness while doing so.
Drinking alcohol to function?Cycles repeating themselves?Does this poem ring a bell?Inspired by a very dear friend.
Addiction is one of the worst monkey's you could ever have on your back; I chronicle my experiences as a writer in hopes of inspiring another person to get help -- to let them know that it doesn't have to be a fatal diagnosis.
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