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How do you feel when you find precious things like your wedding ring after losing it for a few moments ? What sort of thoughts creep in your mind when you lose things ? Go on to enjoy a story on such a situation a woman faced.
However, if you get lost while on vacation in a foreign country that even you do not master the language, it could be a problem for you.
Princess is our faithful pet.She is caring and lovable that she has become a faithful member in our house hold.She demands love and affection from every member of the household. similarly she gives love and affection in return..She is very much careful about her duties in the eve...
We do make errors but instead of feeling down, should try to use them as an education in life.
In the summer recess between freshman and sophomore years in college, i was invited to be an instructor at a high school leadership camp hosted by a college in Michigan, I was already highly involved in most campus activities, and I jumped at the opportunity. I tell this story as of...
With the increased use of Web-Searches,.. The "Alerts" is come for good.
Expert says that the cohabitation of dogs and humans would have greatly improve the chances of survival for the early human groups, as well as the domestication of dogs can also be considered as one of the factor of the development of modern human.
Keep watching and praying that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. stay alert, there is much to keep you occupied.
We can prevent these menacing crimes that threaten the safety and security of our society. How? Here are some crime prevention tips to reduce crime rates on the streets.
The way people dance around serious issues, instead of informing so as to get affirmative action
You never know when an earthquake is going to strike. But you can always be prepared incase one strikes. Here's an article that will show you how to avoid earthquake casualties.
It is the will of God that we are living on this earth. Each one of us has got a mission in life and we are expected to be doing that work God has allotted us. “Blessed is the servant whom his master finds at work when he comes.” Are we at work doing faithful service?
A functional lipid is similar to or may be a conventional fat or oil that is consumed as part of a normal diet, but is demonstrated to have physiologic benefits, i.e., beyond serving a nutritional function, it may reduce the risk of chronic disease. The functionality of the lipids in ...
This article discusses the recent increase of online dating scams. Anyone using an online dating site needs to be aware of this problem as it happens all the time.
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