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It has been a while, but I am back. Now, this original piece will remain to be my most personal among all, inspired by the death of my Father, comes the 6,205th Sun. Sorrowful but nevertheless, may you enjoy!
Cowards die a thousand times before their death. but the question is,what is fear and can one avoid it?
Infested by greed and misery,this piece connotes the depressing truth about the dark side of light and the light side of darkness. About the modern Religion and Law; Something,i am afraid, is in the offing indeed.
I grew up always asking myself a question that was perhaps strenuously difficult for my brain and out of the ordinary perception of a small child; "who am I and why does humankind have the ability to think and be aware of their existentialism, more than any other creature that we are ...
The Society is decaying and the moral fabrics are broken, or are being misused by sneaky powerful people.They kill or imprison whoever tires to mend the laws. This surely does sound familiar.
The Persona in the Poem goes through a deep trance of Introspection where he questions his existentialism and his unknown identity.
The Persona goes through a trance of puzzling dualism and tries to,if possible, navigate through the opposites; the negatives and positives and finally come up with a solution.But he, unfortunately, finds himself at a Cross-roads.
People turning plastic and heat is getting Drastic This is where our World would be headed, no trees no and no green ground cover " something green that lurks and that will indeed lack.
Three states of conflict; 1.the Sun Vs the Moon over the sky, 2. Man Vs man over Woman, 3. Plant Vs Plastic over Earth.
Lisa McMann's series, THE UNWANTEDS, tells a tale of twin boys. One is Wanted. One is not. In a world where creativity is a crime and military might is desired, how might you fare? I know I would be among THE UNWANTEDS.
A book review about Lauren Oliver's novel: Pandemonium. Second book in the Delirium series
A book review about Lauren Oliver's novel: Delirium. First book in the Delirium series
A London based girls loves her laptop(Alex) and posted a video about her love story
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