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This article provides information about the game Alice: Madness Returns and a short review.
After the disappointment of A1 Weirding Willows lets get back to basics in our classic literature adapts, and this faithful imaginative look at Alice that sticks to the classic but visualizes it fresh and innovatively New.
Alice and Not Alice and Mowgli and Frankenstein and Twilight Sparkle T-Rex... oh my.
Oh title, throwing everything in the pot including the kitchen sink never works. Not for soup, not for goulash, not for this comic and this is only Issue #1.
On this page you will find my poems that range from the mundane to the deeply spiritual and profound.
A book review about Michelle Zink's book: Guardian of the Gate. A sequel to Prophecy of the Sisters.
A book review about Michelle ZInk's book: Prophecy of the Sisters
Not enough time in the day to get everything done that you have to get done? Well, you can add more time to your day by contacting ALICE. ALICE is ready, willing, and able to shop for all your household necessities. She will not only save you time and money, she will deliver them righ...
Oh, the madness seen in power, and the travesty of it all!
Here's just a little something i thought up of while reading Alice in wonderland. Hope you enjoy!
My husband, Ralph and I, along with our two kids, Craig and Brittany (who are ages 10 and 7, respectively), moved to Bakersville, Georgia on March 9, 2007. I was concerned, to say the very least.
Alice in Wonderland is a popular English classic. Here is a brief analysis of Alice's character.
A conflict of love among three friends with a married guy, and a guy and lady in a relationship. They made a bizarre love triangle. Witness how in a single day, everything had changed.
Alice is Back and looking gooooood. Don't worry she's nineteen *Phew*
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