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Mark Twain said once that cemeteries are the least sad places and he recommended to visit one when one is caught by sudden sadness.
Halloween is fast approaching and following Halloween is all Saints Day, but this day has different meaning for different religions or cultures.
Halloween celebrates the evil while All Saints Day in November is a day to visit to our deceased loved ones in cemetery.
Read to know how to make these delicious fritters to have at Easter with friends or relatives.
The article is a brief summary of the origins of Halloween dating back to before Christ!
Halloween had lost its “Hallows”. Halloween today it is purely commercial, mainly meant to bulge the pockets of business people. Of course, there are entertaining elements in Halloween which every festival has. But the name and history of this festival can show some forgotten fact...
Is Halloween an evil Pagan Holiday? Is Halloween Christian? What are the origins of the October 31 holiday we now call Halloween.
Sometimes, its very nice to refresh all embarrassing moments that we experienced in real life. We could also regard these moments as the worst thing happened in our life. However, when time passes by, we ought to realize that such happenings imparts a moral lesson we need to uplift.
November second is remembered as All Souls Day, followed by the All Saints Day on the previous day. These days remind us of the communication of saints and invite us to experience the joy of being a part of this great family.
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