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Sexual abuse wounds and traumatizes it's victims. However, one can be healed; the scars will fade in time.
The Band, a seminal 1960s music group that was the backing band for Bob Dylan and then in their own right, not only that, they are one of my favorite musical acts that came from that time. This is a small tribute to their idiosyncratic work. Also, a strange exposition of my viewpoint ...
An Iambic tetrameter poem, written by the Greek poet G. Venetopoulos
An Iambic tetrameter poem, written by the Greek poet G. Venetopoulos
We are all born as warm and loving beings, but we are also born with a dark side, what Christians may refer to as "original sin." In order for us to control or rid ourselves of these demons, we must first make friends with them.
An Iambic decapentasyllabic, allegorical and humorous poem
Allegorical structured verse on an Iambic, decapentasyllabic poem.
An Iambic Pentameter poem about an island, its inhabitants and a ship.
This is but a reflection on what does happen...could happen to those who place themselves far beyond whom they truly are..we see it all the time is the mighty have fallen....enjoy
An Iambic tetrameter inspirational poem about power plant technology.
An Iambic tetrameter spiritual, sentimental poem.
The Bridge is a poem about the journey of Man to the unknown.
Internet romance can be tricky, with age differences and basic unseen variables; hence, this poem came to be at the height of a young man's poetic advances towards me. Although I'm sure it was more of a genetic connection than true Soul-mate love.
The poem deals with a man's love for a woman. It is a love that survives over anything, so he becomes a hero, a power of the nature, just to keep her OR her memory with him.
This is a recall of a dream I had five years ago. I had a feeling in a recent meditation that it is my duty to share this dream now.
A perhaps more realistic explanation of “the matrix” than the explanation of “the matrix” in The Matrix.
Comparison of the use of metaphor to the use of literal truth in prose and poetry.
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