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Ah, the magic of summer! Do you hesitate to go outside on windy days due to seasonal allergies? Symptoms of seasonal allergies can include: sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, and itchy, watery, red eyes. For easy home remedies for seasonal allergies, look no further than your kitchen.
For those with allergic rhinitis and all sorts of allergies, read my article.
Runners with asthma may have difficulty finishing their workouts without getting an asthma attack. Here's how to cope with asthma, breathe easier and enjoy your runs.
Food allergy and intolerance seems to be a growing problem in the western world. This can cause a number of problems when shopping as these ingredients are common place in a variety of every day foods. Thats why it's alway a bonus to have a few recipes of your own, so you know exactly...
If your toddler suffers the symptoms of asthma, you will feel very worried about him or her. In fact, there are some simple and practical tips for helping you take good care of your young child with asthma:
An article published in a Fall of 2010 issue of Mother Jones questioned claims suggested by cosmetics companies touting "hypoallergenic," and what those claims mean to consumers. The facts may surprise you.
Kids’ allergies can go far beyond just the runny nose or sneezing spells, they can affect their breathing, skin, bowels, and even their ability to think clearly. Kids typically suffer months or even years while parents attempt to discern the source of their kid’s ongoing misery. ...
If you are a parent and your child suffers asthma symptoms chronically, you may feel worried about the long-term drug treatment might also hurt the health of your kid. Therefore, besides offering drug treatment to your child, you’d better find some non-drug treatments to strengthen ...
The importance of keeping your home allergy free and methods of cleaning areas often forgotten for mold, a major allergin.
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