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We have scars on us which is the fingernails of the past. It might not be that of love. Perhaps a painful past but if you are lucky enough to be without scars of the painful past then do not judge another person's scars because you do not how they were made.
Some poems about my beloved home,Louisiana; and the myths,legends,and carnival season.
The very haunted Poogan's Porch was once an eloquently embellished Victorian home that was built in 1888 and was named after “Poogan,” a scruffy neighborhood dog who began making himself at home on the huge porch that offered enticing scraps from the charming abode that owner, Bo...
The bayou is a wide area that still remains a mystery to most of America.
This is a story and poem depicting a mother's love against a fierce alligator .
Another tale for the kids about Hum,Drum and Muffle making new friends with the people next door.
Background Charlie Braxton McRoy finds his way out of the madhouse of mirrored halls in the clown village of galactic scientists. But where is he, now? Is he any better off? If the clowns were really truly scientists, what does that have to do with him?
An alligator was found roaming the streets of a German town at around two in the morning.
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