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Story of horse falling in a sinkhole and how his owner comes to his aid. There are many of these sinkholes in this area of Florida.
Llamas and Alpacas use to be rare and expensive outside their native South America, but now their price has dropped and pretty much anyone with some land can keep them as pets. Llamas and Alpacas are often used to guard sheep and goats. Knowing how to look after them is important.
Many farmers are now using Alpacas, or Llamas to guard their smaller livestock animals. Learn more about using Alpacas or Llamas as guard animals.
Raising alpacas for fun and/or profit. A very brief overview for the future alpaca breeder.
Have you ever thought about raising farm animals? Have wondered what are the best farm animals to invest in? Here is a simple article that explains why alpacas are the way to go.
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