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Here we read of the Consecration of Aaron and his sons who have been chosen by God to be the priests of Israel.
Before leaving their encampment near Mount Sinai Moses instructs the children of Israel in all that God had taught him.
God calls Moses up into the mountain where he remains for forty days and forty nights. Meanwhile the people below get restless.
Jacob is reunited with his father Isaac,who is now 180 years old and dies shortly after their reunion. Esau and Jacob bury their father but each must than go his own way as they both have too much cattle to remain together.
It's not easy to be a Buddhist. We have to face millions of non-Buddhists who think their God is superior to any other god. They don't even know we don't worship any god !
Some thoughts on witches and witchcraft both traditional and modern.
I enter Jimmy's brain and take stock of the happenings there.
A short story about a writer who started getting recognition.
When unexpectedly someone thought to be dead appears to challenge the wedding, little is known of the man who had been dead for years
What is true meditation? Is hard work a form of worship?
Every woman wants to go to heaven. She wants to go to heaven without having to die first. A wedding day is therefore every woman's biggest day. Getting married is getting to heaven. Yet those last few minutes before walking down the aisle, with butterflies flying in her stomach, it fe...
Love's so cool. When a woman loves a man, there's no place in hell that can change that.
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