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Have you ever heard about this incredible man who has a power to heal.?!
If you have watched the political process, especially in the United States, the last couple of go rounds, none of what I have to say is surprising - or shouldn't be.
One of the joys of debate is that for any ideal there are many alternative theories about the best approach to take, the trouble is it is often possible to reach an impasse and take no action at all - this rarely helps anyone when action is required.
Marigold is known as a medicinal herb that contains natural curative properties.
Peppermint is used in treating irritable bowel syndrome. This herb is a cross between the water-mint and the spearmint.
It can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet all of the time. However it's important to remember that even small changes can make a big difference over time.
The Red Paintings are a unique band headed by a very unique person. Their debut album, "The Revolution is Never Coming," is an album that will take you on a journey not only of fantastic music but also of realisation and understanding. This is a review of the album.
A successful product indie service, brand or business model, once it begins to enjoy the patronage of its target market and hits the value delivery bulls eye has no other business direction that it could take except forward towards mainstream retail.
This my personal personal favorites. This list is not thorough.These artists were chosen from the early listening days of the station
Cellulite is an accumulation of water and waste in the fatty layer under the skin, which causes lumps to form and gives the skin that horrible orange peel look. So what can you do to stop it? With some simple, affordable tips you could very well stop it before it even happens.
Although traditional medicine can not replace modern medicine as far as diagnosis, investigation and emergency care are concerned, certain 'alternative' systems which focus on overall health, have shown remarkable results and fast, even in chronic like diabetes, leucoderma, cancer as ...
Shamballa (Reiki) On!l Learn about this amazing healing modality that uses different blends of energies to be used during a healing session to clear dense, negative energies.
Looking for easy, money saving tips and tricks for a healthier lifestyle? Then you may like to read on.
Text / Lirics for creation yor own Hip Hop or another alternative song.
Ayurvedic detoxification had been an important part of holiday health. Nowadays, in the fast lifestyle, this great part of life is being neglected. Today, people want an immediate solution for their health problems. Hence they rush for swallowing some capsules or tablets for their pro...
One thing that is quickly becoming rather popular among new parents is baby massage. Baby massage is so good for newborns and babies, and most people do not truly realize the benefits this offers. Read on to find the benefits of infant massage.
You may not know it, but you can do more with a USB than just save your word documents on it. Here are 5 of the best uses.
For years we've been observing the destructive development of Monsanto. Many people here in Europe haven't even heard of them and much less understand the negative consequences world-wide of Monsanto "trying to play God". Read on for my personal opinion on the subject.
This article is not for you if you are easily grossed out, but for the ones that want excellent fertilizer for their plants and feel it's time to do something about our environment, this practical how-to guide on humanure should be of some informational value.
Fresh herbs and exotic spices have been proven now to prevent and even cure the illnesses that the civilized human being is plagued with. Quietly people are changing to a healthier lifestyle, they buy organic or biodynamic food (or grow their own) and even go out to forage some wild h...
Highlights of this practice: It has no cost. You need no diet, no utilities. You don't even have to buy this book. This is a compilation of an author speaking about the man leading it. You need no mentor, guru etc. All the information on it is freely and openly available. There is no ...
This short article is dedicated to the healthful ways Garlic affects us, and how it's been used in the past.
This article will give a brief summary of what health benefits can be attained from the consumption of Onions, a glimpse at the history of it's medicinal effects as-well.
Many studies of vegetable that is able to cope with cancer, such as a colored vegetables, greens, and fruits, and grasses that have a positive substance in the change of chemical drugs.
People with many forms of cancer malignancy have to make different choices throughout the course of their treatment to fight against the condition, manage signs and deal with the adverse reactions.
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