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There are so researchers who feel that the current research on alzheimer's is being led down the wrong path.
Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia. The disease is growing and much research is being done to hopefully one day completely understand the disease and its treatment.
In today's concluding installment from Chapter 13, my 82 year old dad experiences a severe stroke right at the end of the school year which begins our "Summer from Hell" as Nancy and I rush off to his bedside.
A article talking about what is being sprayed in our skies.
The end of a life...without ever realizing that you lived, is a hard thing. And sometimes, it's the smallest things that help you cross to the other side...
When a loved one is afflicted with this debilitating disease, everyone suffers.
Health care might not be the very first application with regard to social media that involves thoughts, however specialists predict that more than 500 million individuals is going to be utilizing healthcare-related programs on cell phones in five years. Many customers may look for hea...
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