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The spiny amaranth is an underutilized green leafy vegetable that are generally considered as weed especially in upland crops farming or in gardening yet it could add up to the list of nutritious leafy vegetable. In some varieties, the are used not only for their green leaves but seed...
Millets can grow under adverse climatic conditions and provide better nutrition than the grains we commonly use: wheat and rice.
Originated from the Americas, amaranth is gaining popularity today throughout the world for its rich benefits of healing and restoring health. It has been a part of the human diet in both the grain and leaf forms. The Aztecs called it as the “food of immortality” and in India it...
We need to eat right to for a healthy body and mind. To combat various diseases, obesity, and increase immunity these top 10 new super foods are a must have in your list. A little innovation will help make tasty recipes with these foods.
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