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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names released a list of names of new generic Top Level Domains is submitted to the company's Internet domain regulator.
AMAZON January deals get them here now as there going fast
While becoming a bestseller Amazon has many benefits, it is important to note that achieving bestseller status is not sell a lot of books and get rich quick.
Guys if you a writer, then you can take this further by writing your own books. Publishing has never become easier with Amazon Kindle Publishing. Read this and understand how you can be part of this multi-million publishing platform.
I started writing for online publishing houses in 2007. I chart my progress so far including my two books "Outside The Airlock" and "Rotate Into Flight"
I chart how far I have come as an online writer and also explain my goals and ambitions, including my first two e-books.
The future isn't written in stone and I hope mine turns out like this!
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