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Oh, to enjoy the day, so, awake, and have at it! Read more:
This poem took me actually a couple of months to write and if there was one request to the reader, I wish for them to stay mature. Every now and then, I like to make a poem about girls or sex and all that good stuff. But overall, it is truly something that is artistic in poetic value;...
I created a blog 'My Wikinut Poets' where I have listed all the Wikinut poets so that anyone can view all the poets whose poems are published on Wikinut.
Scientists have used the latest computer-imaging technology to produce astounding 3D pictures of a 49 million-year-old spider trapped inside an opaque piece of fossilised amber resin...
Why must a child die before steps are taken to protect them against the predators that prey upon them?
A.M.B.E.R. was created in 1999 as a legacy to a 9-year old Arlington, Texas girl, kidnapped while out riding her bicycle near her grandparents home.
This one is strange; wrought from the oddities of my subconscious, I believe. Inspiration was derived from a hair-clasp sitting on my desk and from conflicts within me; past pain and allusions to a friend at the fore of my mind. Five lines per stanza? Why not.
Amber and honey, the warmth of beauty looking for a relax in the lap of me living life in a dream
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