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Within this essay I try to outline what Anarchism is actually about and what the aim of an Anarchist is instead of what people are being told what Anarchism is by the mass media.
Poems that stretch the boundaries of serious life and finding joy in the simplicity of day to day existence.
My attempt to counter those within the Anarchist Movement that say "No God" by giving a personal glimpse into my psyche
This is to counter all those who propose the idea that an Anarchist Society would be exploitive.
The difference between reactive and proactive policing. The effects of both on crime and the criminal.
We, as a nation, suffer from apathy, not caring much about those who would destroy this nation – anarchists! Read more:
Though the rigmarole of elections are gone through in democratic countries the majority will fails to prevail. What use getting elected based on an agenda which cannot be followed up after the elections due to inherent weakness in the system? Technology should help remove roadblocks ...
As the species tasked to be the co-creators, we should be more aware of injustices and the need to do more to make our journey truly fulfilling by moving towards inclusive society.
On this page you will find my poems that range from the mundane to the deeply spiritual and profound.
Love is the nothing that is everything. Freedom is a birthright that we forfeit. Death is a reality that we cowardly accept.
Peace is precious for a meaningful life and wars bring humongous misery to ordinary people. Each one of us needs to get our acts together to fight tooth and nail for peace before it is too late.
There is a method in the working of Universe which may not be apparent now. Justice will be served eventually. Our actions give us solace or boomerang on us for our willful deeds. None should shortchange others and thereby divide society for personal gains.
It is time to tear down this government, and if not at the polls, then revolution is here. The time is now, not in your children’s future, for us to quell this anarchist government with a show of force on our, the People’s, side!
A minority is able to manipulate democracy and freedom to their advantage. The slip between the cup and the lip plays out ad nauseam to the chagrin of the majority.
We were established with good principles, but have now gotten off course and ventured far afield from what our Founding Fathers wanted. We must get back on the right path started so long ago!
Anarchy dose not have to be chaos. Rather it refers a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government.
Originally called "Row Your Boat", I changed the title because it seemed better to work with. This is perhaps my version of the nursery rhyme "Row Your Boat". Comments are open.
A country that isn't recognised; without IMF / World Bank loans and UN intervention, it's working better than other 3rd World nations
William Butler Yeats has used religious imagery regarding the Apocalypse and Second Coming.He shaped for himself an elaborate mythology in order to explain his post war experience.
As most everyone knows today, during the three centuries of witch hunts in Salem and in many other parts of the American colonies, hundreds of innocent men, women, and even children, were put to death. This article discusses this dark period of American history and the treatment accu...
The children in this video got a maximum of one flog each, a far cry from the four to six belts that I remember being issued when I was in school.
This was sort of written on a dare. A person suggested that I write a horror story where the main antagonist was a bug eyed avatar, after I made a complaint about the overly large eyes on all of the images he used in his signatures. For it's humble origins, I am actually pretty proud ...
A vague explanation of an anarchic lifestyle from one who tries to live it, based on the works of G. K. Chesterton.
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