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Lies, deception, war, demonic posessions, more lies and more evil and more deception and more Satanic possessions... such is everyday life at South Africa's universities.
Here I stand at the cardboard voting booth thingie. Well, it's not really a voting booth, but more of a cardboard desk with a flap in front for privacy. I like cardboard furniture. I wish I could have one of these. Ok let's see... I unroll the ballot papers.
Well, we are still at the voting station to vote at the South African elections 2014, but it seems the problems never end. From the voting station opening late, to their scanner not working, to Mother forgetting her identity document, to our names not being on the voters roll.
Voting... what's the bloody use? In the end, cadres of the ANC who run the "Independent Electoral Commission" (IEC) are going to work it so that the ANC "miraculously" wins by some insane majority. Oh well, I guess going to vote at least gives them something to do: Having to manipu...
How badly do you want the items that you're intending to buy at the store? Will you sacrifice your most precious commodity, your time, for it?
I enter the west wing to keep our breakfast date Mother, Father and I have. But, breakfast isn't ready. Instead, I find Mother standing at the door and Father talking to Harrison outside at Harrison's truck. Mother quickly informs me there's been an accident. I take a look out the ...
Let me take you to a cave of wonders where the fairies with their speedily flapping wasplike wings are abundantly flying around in a world of their own... no wait. These aren't fairies that are so flying around. They actually are wasps. Close enough...
At Lanseria, we park the car very far because they have parking spaces far away marked "Long Term Parking", so I thought we must stop so far away. Fortunately on our way there, she greeted a passing shuttle driver, who then thought she wanted his services so he followed us all the way...
"Let them eat cake." Those have apparently been the words of Marie Antoinette, royalty of France, when told that there was no more bread in her kingdom for the people to eat.
Tonight, Father and Mother and I watch the news in the West Wing. Oh dear. I've suspected as much before, but tonight it particularly strikes me: Is South Africa's people and their government even savable from total collapse, or even a complete revolution?
After South Africans have been continuously lied to about Jacob Zuma's Nkandla complex, the ANC government now warns taking and distributing pictures of the scandalous place that stands as proof their president is a criminal, is "illegal".
After 8 years battling discrimination by an "affirmative action" policy characteristic of an ANC-run South African Police Service, Lieutenant Colonel Renate Barnard finally had a victory when the Supreme Court Of Appeal ruled in her favor.
Nelson Mandela came from a very poor illiterate family, but proved that a man with drive and passion could change the world
Evidently fraud and tender corruption made them millionaires, but after years of living in extravagance, the Kwazulu-Natal business woman Shauwn Mpisane and her husband, former metro cop S'bu, were finally stripped in 2013 of 51 cars and 4 houses.
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