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We have all kinds of religious and mythological philosophies around in circulation today, taking on new forms and bringing back old ideas. Sacrifice is one such idea that has never really gone away, although no sane person today would make a human sacrifice. At one time and with some ...
Japan is a country and a people who have a deep mythology. Their myths go back a lot longer than their histories do, although they often cross paths. Read on to found out about Japan and it's rich mythology.
Different cultures from all over the world have their own mythologies, giving us now in modern day time the knowledge of the ancients. Aztec and Toltec is a mythology from a race of ancient people who used to live in Mexico. They built pyramids and sacrificed people to please their go...
Mythology is a really interesting subject, I find the blend between history and myth, truth and fiction and fantasy and reality is what make it so good. One great race of people in mythology are the Maya. They created pyramid temples and their own religions and creation myths, read on...
Native American mythology comes from the first tribes to inhabit North America. It is said that these tribes came from Asia when the continents were stuck together with ice. Read on to find more info on the Native Americans.
There is loads of mythology which has been passed down to us regarding the South Pacific peoples. These islands relatively untouched by the world for thousands of years, are rich in their mythologies. Read on to find out a little about them.
This page takes a look at Indian mythology, and how it is used through out different Indian cultures and religions. From farmers to Aryans to Hinduism, India has a rich mythology.
Theseus is a hero of Greek myth and there was many tales wrote about him. There is now proof of a real King Theseus, who is credited with building Athens into the center of power in Greece that it is. Read on to find out all about Theseus.
Jason and the Argonauts is a tale which comes from ancient Greek mythology. Homer retold many of Jason's tales in his epic poem Odyssey. It is one very interesting story, so read this page and find out some facts on the subject.
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