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The women draw and paint beautiful pictures on the walls and the floor with the colours prepared from different plants.
Tirupati is one of the richest temple towns of India lies in the extreme south of the state. It has picturesque surroundings and the temple itself is a fine example of Dravidian art.
Are you planning to give an impressive surprise to your family? Why do not you take them on a tour?
Makara Sankranthi falls in the month of January on 13 th of every year, most of the Hindu families celebrate this festival. It is the festival of harvests.
The Aravku valley is in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, in western Ghats close to the Odissa state border.
South India, land that always blooms with the flowers of rich culture, heritage, religion and festivals, is crowned with the Western and Eastern Ghats, the Bay of Bengal in East and the Arabian Sea in West.
If you want to talk with American president Barack Obama, you need not worry about any formality. Just dial the phone +9177523297 and wait. You can hear the voice of Barack Obama, calling you from Hyderabad, the South Indian city. It is not a joke or false, since the phone number you ...
Nirmal toys and paintings are famous decades back, when the synthetic toys are pouring on the market and available cheaply than the hand made wooden Nirmal toys, Nirmal toys are vanishing from the market slowly
From a ferry to a waterfall, the trip had it all. Above all else it was friendship that was cherished more than anything else.
Puducherri and Yanam are once ruled by French People,so they are called as French Colonies in India
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