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The idea of mobile apps was proposed basically to reach the as many people as possible; in other words, mobile apps were created to build mass reach. Now-a-days, mobile apps development companies and digital marketers focus on Facebook, YouTube and some other social networking sites t...
The Android Things team has been working closely with our partners to create compelling, secure and thoughtful IoT products. During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, a number of our OEM partners are announcing their first set of products powered by Android Things.
Android Oreo is stuffed full of security enhancements. Over the past few months, we've covered how we've improved the security of the Android platform and its applications: from making it safer to get apps, dropping insecure network protocols, providing more user control over identifi...
The rticl is bout Android Oreo. The features and bug fixes to the previous vertion of Android.
Get the Top Android Mobile apps according to traffic and uses point of view.
Along with the rise in mobile computing, comes the increased threat to personal identity, financial information and private data. Developers can assist users in efforts to safeguard and ensure a positive experience.
This is full solution guide of almost every major android problem.
Android is most popular mobile platform, but just like other softwares, it also has several vulnerabilities. In this article we will discuss how hackers steal data from android devices.
Android, as a complete software stack for mobile devices, is a powerful platform that provides all functionality required to assure the correct operation of the mobile device. Android devices are getting popular nowadays but problem is android devices doesn't provides you more secur...
Another great game from Popcap Games just released. It's Plant Versus Zombies. Build a combination of plants to prevent the zombies eating your brain.
I want share experience with my favorite Android applications.
Want to enjoy some gaming on your Android phone? Check out these 2 game apps. They are available in Android Play Store, and are free!
I have is a LG My Touch smartphone that runs off the Android market. The following apps are some of my favorite apps that I downloaded and use a lot and enjoy doing while I use my smartphone.
Play the Google Store is chock full apps. But applications like that are really optimized for Honeycomb tablets or ICS is no sinecure.
You must be aware that mobile phones operating the Android OS such as smart phones are much used nowadays. What's the beauty of using the Android SDK by Google is you will be in a position to control code in Java and as well , manage your gadget with the help of Java libraries accessi...
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