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Having trouble choosing the right OS for yourself? Don't worry; this article provides a comprehensive comparison of all the major smartphone OSes so that you can get the most for your money.
This post about Google latest launch news in India which shares new Android One OS mobile phones in Indian Market news. Read now.
What Bosch, VW, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Opel and Jaguar, DEKRA and ADAC have in common? They offer apps for Apple iPhone, iPad and Google Android devices. We have collected together the most important apps for car drivers and car fans. Most apps are free for it. Update Novembe...
Here are some great android applications you must try as some of them may be extremely beneficial for you
This is a full user review of the smash hit mobile phone Xiaomi Mi3 which is making headlines all over the world.
[b]One was issued for the Android platform arming affordable phone that has a powerful performance.[/b]
This is full solution guide of almost every major android problem.
Android is most popular mobile platform, but just like other softwares, it also has several vulnerabilities. In this article we will discuss how hackers steal data from android devices.
Android, as a complete software stack for mobile devices, is a powerful platform that provides all functionality required to assure the correct operation of the mobile device. Android devices are getting popular nowadays but problem is android devices doesn't provides you more secur...
Here are some ways to increase the speed of that Android phone you use.
Here I will teach you how to ruin WhatsApp in your PC and it is very easy. just read the article and you can run all android application on your PC.
As we Know android gives us more and more entertainment so this would be a good change for us.
I want share experience with my favorite Android applications.
Want to enjoy some gaming on your Android phone? Check out these 2 game apps. They are available in Android Play Store, and are free!
The Samsung Gem (U.S. Cellular) is an entry-level Android phone that serves the purpose when it comes to mobile computing.
I have is a LG My Touch smartphone that runs off the Android market. The following apps are some of my favorite apps that I downloaded and use a lot and enjoy doing while I use my smartphone.
Although I have Countless Apps on my phone, most are only useful to me, however I have picked out my top ten list that most people will find very useful.
This is, indeed Samsung's best phone to date, living up to the standards of being a "smart phone" in its truest sense. Would it be justifiable to say that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has beaten the iPhone 4S?
Recently rumors have resurfaced that Facebook is working on a project to develop its own smartphone. These are just not baseless rumors but are backed by solid clues and leaks suggesting that Facebook is indeed working on a smart phone with possible launch in early 2013.
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