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This poem for for unborn child and babies who became angels watching us from heaven.
This is about a person who met some years ago while on tour ( I was a part of an performing arts ministry) and she is the mother to one of my friends but quickly became everyone’s mother we had a bond that grow strong with time she is truly and amazing person.
How often do we accuse others for the unfortunate incidents that happen to us? Have you ever thought that perhaps an angel had been a key player in a situation you have encountered?
Words of comfort; Words may not come easy when we are feeling lost or sad. Looking for comfort can sometimes be difficult, but at times the comfort we so strongly seek may be found in simple things. Poetry is one of those simple things that can express and offer words of comfort.
A love poem about feeling loved and secure in a relationship with someone who you can relate.
Fighting Angels is an emotional poem about someone who refuses to accept death.
A man working the meadow hears beautiful music. He stops work to listen to angels dancing on clouds.
Imagine a Donkey and a Lamb that can speak ! and then add an Angel ! And that's what you have here.....It may be long - but - keep reading ! and a Happy Christmas one and all.
What are the duties of angels? What does the Bible teach about angels? Does each Christian and child have their own angel? Are guardian angels biblical?
This was so beautiful and prophetic I suppose, The letter originated on the 15th of September, 1998 and the author has but one desire only that the entire world should read it: "I am not going to be the one who lets it die.. I found it believable --angels have walked beside me all my ...
In a time when there is an awareness of new beginnings...Spiritualistic beliefs are no longer hidden in the shadows, and are now accepted with a more open minded attitude... As we become more open, we become more receptive...and in that receptivity, wonders can happen...
This part is a bit eerie, but blindingly brilliant and jolting. Once you're past this part, you'll have to choice but to proceed. It is that powerful and sort-of-magical. Enjoy.
According to a 2009 survey, 77% of Americans believe in some description of angels. While skeptics often relate a belief in angels to irrational superstition and wishful thinking, countless new spiritual perspectives surface each year which include the possibility of angels among us....
it was at that precise moment that I knew he had decided that we were to be buddies for life. We had to decide on a name, so Daleen suggested, that since he was the new decision maker around here, that he would choose his own name.
Family Angels are the angels who are with you from birth to death and in life after death when you resurrect. This is the divination concept in Christianity.
I've written a lot lately about is a further example of the power of the universe, the power of good, and about angels amongst us.
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