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When treating or dealing with anger issues, there are many suggestions for anger management strategies. Each of them is intended to help people who are hot-tempered and frequently have fits of rage. Anger, although a healthy and normal response to upsetting situations, it can be inten...
You think you can get away with hurting me, think again, I have a higher power standing in for me. Yes, I feel that I should take revenge on what you have done to me, but hey, I have a higher power to go to that will change my state of mind and yours too.
Very often it seems impossible to not be reactionary when disagreements, disrespect, or even mild insults come our way. However ~ there is a way to do it. The primary key is to concentrate ~ on the issue at hand ~ and not keep going back in history to bring up past hurts.
So, you have reached a place where everything and anything is not working, and you want to get angry because there seems to be "no other choice". Well, this series of articles will tell you different.
Anger or Faith...Some have a volatile anger others remain cool submerged in their own faith Which heals do say!
The time of your friendships, where there are trust issues, conflict, etc. Becoming unattached to that person. Not labeled as best friends anymore.
Children often have difficulty controlling their anger. Teach your child how to express anger in a healthy way and to control their tempers.
Not all time will we be able to be in sync with other people’s ideas and opinions. So, when this happens, what to do we do?
This page summarizes how to deal with resentments. It tells how I have dealt with them for years and stay stress free as a result.
Such negativity is enough to make anyone scream!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!
Some one composed a beautiful poem on slip of words It inspired me too.I thank her ..
A young boy lives in misery he hates where he is and decides it is time to go.
anger is often mislead us to do such stupid things. In this article, you might have some idea to manage your temper and make the situation right.
A story about a young woman whose life is falling apart due in no small part to her own belligerent and self destructive behavior. Warning: this story contains a lot of swearing.
As usual, I am not going to write about any tips and tricks to get rid of anger. It is a sort of any other expression like how we worry we get angry. Like how we feel happy and laugh or smile, same way we get angry. This is a piece of work wherein I have bundled my personal experience...
Explores and describes the difference between justice and revenge. Also looks at why vengeance is so appealing to those who have been hurt
This page is about reducing and avoiding anger. We have the ability to over come from our anger with our practice.
Love is the antidote for hatred, and goodwill for anger: the presence of one implies the absence of the other. Anger, on the other hand, is defined as an attitude, which wants to generate violence, an agitation against something either animate or inanimate.
control your anger by finding out the root cause of it and also by using these tips.
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