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Lake Manyara National Park is a protected wildlife area lying in tropical woods at the base of the Great Rift Valley of Tanzania. By the density of mammal population the shores of lake Manyara occupy leading positions in the world.
Birds fly in hungry. What are you going to do? Here's a quick how-to.
The hip cat lady returns to share more true-to-life experiences from the feline world where ambition can always be easily located at the top of a tall cabinet.
It's late and I have been working on my art all day and just haven't the strength for much more than these few little winter poems.
"A child born a penniless bastard in brothel has less champions than the dog left behind in the mansion by its master." ~author
A poem to honour these ancient and beautiful marvellous relics of the deep blue sea.
This article is about the cruel against animals which must be avoidable
In spite of the title of this article, just as there is no such thing as a perfect human, no perfect dog exists The closest you can get to finding the perfect dog, is to choose one that’s best for you
A look a keeping pigs as pets, but be aware not all pigs make good pets
In this article is about the Animals. This article will give you the information of some facts of animals.
According to a recent survey, twenty-seven percent of all the animal rescue and adoption groups responding reported having some beautiful, well-behaved companion animals wait more than two years to find a “Forever Home”. Why? Most people want to adopt cute little kittens and puppi...
Prepare a crazy dish of stuffed camels. It is used for the purpose of humor. Do not try this at home
Some cats are champion hunters, some are not and some find alternative prey
Has your pet been diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure? – don’t despair, there’s life in the old dog/cat yet!
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