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Funny Anniversary Quotes, Wishes and Messages For Wife, Husband, Mom and Dad
I bestow upon you all a small compilation of works dedicated to my wife. Happy Anniversary The number two is not for you, for you are my number one. My wife of whom I have the most fun. For there is no one else I would decide to have by my side, made clear, when I chose you as my b...
Never heard of the Captain Canuck 2014 Summer Special? Never heard of Captain Canuck? Well...actually that's not too surprising, really. Say hello to Captain Canuck. Bronze Age icon who allegedly saved the Canadian comic book industry 40 years ago... yet has the smallest comic book co...
Henri Touloussse de Lautrec's 150 anniversary of his birth may be a good reason to visit a museum or an exhibition on his paintings if any.
While people played with the Rubik´s cube worldwide, another events were taking place.
Completing a year of togetherness with your special someone is an extremely special occasion that is tough to be expressed in words. The poem is a true depiction of someone's feelings on completing an year of togetherness.
Well I have just celebrated my 2 year wedding anniversary and this is a poem I wrote for my husband but thought i'd share it here too. enjoy x
Ghost Rider #19-#20? Bad suicide comic. Captain America A Little Help... let's see...
Well we reached 0.01! To celebrate we begin tracking local 90's independent publisher Solo Graphics, starting with their introduction.
This is a guide about baking a sweet and yummy cake. This is very delicious and easy to bake. Kids, teens and everyone will enjoy it.
55 years ago, a king was born, not your typical king born into royalty. A musical king, that would later come to be known as the "King of Pop" or simply by his initials "MJ".
Pope Benedict I was was elected as the pope of the church during a very critical period that was known as "the ravages of the Lombards". The pressure of papacy on his shoulders caused his death on 30 July, 579.
I met Lily Rose on 1 January. I celebrate the anniversary every year. But the distance of time and space between us has been cruel on the cord of the spiritual bond. Now my boyhood heart sighs to feel her close.
Yes it is good to spend that special occasion, appreciating the beauty that nature has provided
A look at the origins of Wedding anniversary names along with some of the meanings.
Today is my fourth wedding anniversary. I have written this poem for my husband to wish him "Happy Wedding Anniversary " !
What is the secret of a happy marriage? Might have something to do with trusting your spouse and not expecting him/her to complete you.
An ode to my beautiful wife Carol on our twenty-fourth anniversary.
A man remembers his wife on the anniversary of her death.
I've been a member of Wikinut for 365 days now - so here's my experiences, ups and downs and some tips for writing on this great site!
We all love to pass time and recall all our happy days gone by So this this poem a recall of the days gone by.
Today is the 132nd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Indian Nation. His connection with sports, especially with the game cricket, is quite interesting.
He was a sincere politician who loved the common man. In every heart of Andhra Pradesh there is a niche for this beloved leader whom a helicopter tragedy charred to death last September.
What will you do when you have forgotten an anniversary?
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