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His grandfather’s story of an as yet unexplained disaster, troubles a teenage ant.
This article is containing breaking news from all around the world. This will totally entertain you...
How come parents allow their kids to step on ants but yell at them for holding a kitten too tight? Millions of animals are killed every year, why don't we do something to end some of the suffering?
A poem about an ant and his journey in everyday life.
Once my mother rebuked and caned me for my childhood pranks, but it became a memorable experience to me and I cannot forget it. I described that unforgettable beautiful event in this poem.
A biologist at the University of Arizona has discovered an entire colony of ants that is devoid of males.
Animals it is possible for us to try to understand them, they can teach us all a good lesson.
Have you ever watched an ant colony as the ants scurry to feed, or defend, the colony? Have you ever studied bees in the hive, as they work to take care of the queen? Have you ever studied primates in the wild? While we are closely related to primates, an observation shows that we ...
A tragic end to an extraordinary partnership, the lack of one species of ant leads to the extinction of a butterfly.
The Love story of the elephant and the ant seems to be serious.Well this is a joke about this unusual happening. I hope this will make everyone laugh as I know this is a lovely joke. Find the humor in this love story.
See how one can so slyly and cunningly answer this question in a funny, humorous and tricky way
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