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This poem is about happiness that it brings a tear to your eyes. It's an okay poem. I like it
I like this poem but then again I don't I think its needs editing or more added to it. you tell me what you think.
to a special person at that time meant something but wasn't meant to be.I hate when that happens. but my nana always says things happen for a reason.
Sometimes this that are good are to good to be true. Sometimes we wish they are but get hurt when they are not
I wrote this because I got upset of the boy games guys play when we were younger. so this is dedicated to those that played games with the girls hearts and also to the woman who played with guys hearts too.
At the beginning of relationships we think they will go on infinitum..then all of a sudden ad nausum...this is the way they go for people change, minds change, emotions change and for sure sexual attraction read on and enjoy if you will
All your accusations All your assumptions All your frustrations All your aggressions All your agitations
If you loved me and wanted me to stay Why did you want me to go away? I loved you with all my heart Right from the start
After all the love we had After fighting got so bad After drifting miles apart After no hope of a new start
Oh, to know the one who fills your soul and heart! Sometimes we search for a lifetime, and other times we just get blessed and find our soulmate right at the start! Here's hoping for the best in your search.
Thinking of someone you care about, when they are so far away can bring such an ache to the heart, yet somehow those thoughts can cross a divide...Especially if he is thinking about you too...
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