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Ooooooooooh, Afrikaners are just so evil, the most evil of all being their white skins!!! How dare they be so pretty and light coloured and have seen any practicality in "Apartheid"??? Feel ashamed ye Afrikaner wonderhuman, for the world media tells you you are eeeeevilllll!! Feel ...
The following is an obituary of the great south South African writer who went aganst apartheid.
We declutter our homes to rid those that are of use no longer. But we tend to carry forward the negative issues from the past to get weighed down in our approach to the present. Our shared world will be a different place if we took initiatives than just going around in circles. Let us...
As the species tasked to be the co-creators, we should be more aware of injustices and the need to do more to make our journey truly fulfilling by moving towards inclusive society.
This article contains a visit to Robben Island and in particular Nelson Mandela's cell
As we celebrate special days around the world, I was happy to know that Nelson Mandela Day is now one that is to be celebrated or recognized. The exact date throughout the world is July 18th. July 18, 2012 is the first time that I acknowledged it as a day of celebration. For me it is...
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