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Until now I had only lived in one other apartment, a two bedroom with my mother. Now I live in a one bedroom with my youngest child and it has taken some getting used to; I am still getting used to it.
Living in an income based apartment means that there are things such as inspections that you would not normally have. It gives a new meaning and frequency to Spring cleaning.
The past couple of years we have been in a one bedroom apartment. That has made life rather interesting considering it consists of only a bedroom, bathroom, living room area, dining area and kitchen. The closets are small and we're acquired a lot. Going from a three bedroom, three b...
A few funny stories that blend together regarding a hiking mishap when I was younger and the conversation going on between my roommates when I tried to write about it.
Danielle wants Max to come out to the farm within the week. Bobby's mother is at the Army Hospital. Max needs to find a way to get Bobby to the Hospital to see his mom. Max has decided to visit his friend Randal and tell him everything that's going on. Randal may be able to help.
This chapter concludes the saga of Felipe, his ongoing battle with himself and his creator, his eventual acceptance of his sexuality and his new life in St. John's.
Pet owners are responsible for providing food, nutrients and other luxuries to their pets imprisoned in cages or enclosures. They must at all times be aware that animals like humans prefer freedom more than isolation, so they'll try by all means to set themselves free especially when...
A short piece of advice on what to be aware of when choosing somewhere to live.
This article is all about 3 bedroom apartments in Orlando
The sale of a large vacant plot on the Broadway at 103d Street was the lost important transaction in the realty market yesterday. The property includes the plot of about five and one-half city lots surrounding the northeast corner of Broadway and 103d Street, opposite the Subway stati...
Use Feng Shui in home for your success and well being with a consultant of Feng Shui, he will findout lucky and un lucky areas in your home.
This page is about Apartment living which is the modern life style
This poem is about depression ,and a man who gets depresses,and used only to get even.
It is so annoying to walk while tripping or jumping over items laying around in your house, you want to have a free walk way and clutter free corridors for maximum comfort.
The value of your apartment will be affected by the lease period and in this article w efind out how this happens.
The siblings must leave their magical friend but they promise to soon return.
I found a little kitten in our laundry room. He was a little black kitten with blue eyes. I wanted to adopt him.
How to buy a luxury home in Toronto, when to buy it and with what kind of money. How can you set your eyes on your own luxury home.
Lee Rang Biyavo invented an Electrical wheel chair for his wife with a facility to climb on staircase without the help of others
A lot of Americans wonder if they should rent a home or apartment, and what they can expect. You might appreciate some tips on the cost of living in Europe.
Have you ever watched home improvement shows where they paint in colors Barney the dinosaur might be envious of? Do you feel the need to join in when they take sledgehammers to countertops? If staring at beige carpeting and walls just a few shades lighter than nicotine yellow is makin...
Every year, many people who move from countryside to city to find their brighter destiny. They all try to settle down in the city. But to settle down in city is not an easy matter. The most difficult matter is finding a place to live for a long time.
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