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Many people know that Viagra and PT141 are powerful sexuality drugs. Men and women suffering from low libido, prepare yourself for some great news…
An Overview of the Influence of Scent upon Human Sexual Behavior.
Food provides all the energy our body requires. In order to incorporate these in our diet, one has to know which food to eat. In addition, there are times when our digestive system takes a tumble. Get to know those foods that help you overcome digestive setbacks. Aphrodisiac foods hel...
Food must be balanced and nutritious. Eating food that help prevent ageing and food rich in nutrients that boost the metabolic system helps to keep us vigorous. Anti-ageing and aphrodisiac foods have been around for a long time and here we discuss its benefits.
Mother Nature has provided a lot of plants to rejuvenate your energy and enhance your libido. Modern busy world has lost its touch with her to find solutions for their health problems. Here is a tropical plant which has the treasure chest to stimulate your weak nerves, relieve your fa...
Cordyceps, the moving mushrooms seen in places like Tibet are of high medicinal value. It costs up to five-hundred thousand per kilogram. Why?
Licorice, a root that is 50 times sweeter than sugar, has wonderful health benefits. Since ancient days, licorice has been used for treating various aliments, including liver and stomach disorders, cough and sore throat.
Modern world is hunting for an elixir to enhance sex. The commercial trend in life wants to make life also a business. Day by day a lot of herbal products are coming out. Lemon grass is a natural herb which has natural nutrients for enhancing sex.
Chocolate has been a part of courtship, anniversaries and lovers' tradition of gift giving for years. It even antedates the time when Valentine's Day first started sinking into the concsiousness of lovebirds. Learn why chocolate can help you improve your love life, if not get you one.
We all know the benefits of Garlic and how good it is for your heart but many don’t like the smell, however did you know that the humble Onion has the same benefits? Read on to find out more of this vegetable.
~how the air fairly sizzled between you~the tips of your ears burned hot-hot~you did what turned out to be that sexy thang~swiveling your head slowly~stretching the burning muscles in your neck~acutely aware of everything~
According to a report posted on in August of 2010, maca root, native to the Peruvian mountains, is said to increase the sex drive in women by as much as 90 percent. But what's in it? And is it truly a "pleasure root" or just media hype? Let's take a look.
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