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Make Every Meal Much healthier by Preparing Healthy Appetizers
Here is a recipe that Medicine Girl's aunt makes for all parties.
This lunch will make an option for those who prefer a meat free meal.
This is a great recipe to use as an appetizer, with a meal, on a salad or in a taco. It tastes great and is easy to prepare.
If you’ve ever experienced the joy of eating edamame while waiting for your sushi, you know how addictive these little treats are all by themselves. Here’s a way to enjoy them with an added kick.
Because proper diet pivots on good health, it is thirst quenching to know that the juices we enjoy drinking are also good for us. Juices from fruits and vegetables are fine sources of vitamins and minerals. Juices may be served hot or cold anytime of the day.
“How many of us do not feel hungry these days”? I think many of us. As people grow older, they will not feel hungry. There are many other reasons for loss of appetite. Here are some reasons and remedial measures for loss of appetite.
A recipe for a new version of an old appetizer. It’s a southwestern twist and great for serving at parties.
Very few foods can beat the flavor combination of tomato, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. Usually presented as a salad, this recipe calls for kebabs.
It's just Croutons, Corn, and Oil. That's it, and these are delicious little appetizers or sides for an entree!
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