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If, living on our own, we shared the evening meal with a neighbour or a friend that lives nearby, it saved us food, work and, therefore, money.
Know what you can do during this hour for the planet that deserves to have a rest.
This article will discuss retro style kitchen appliance and how they are popular with all ages.
Currently, many people can no longer live without their cell phones because they do practically everything from a simple connection to the internet or GPS. And it is only fair that there is also apps that help with weight loss, do not you think? They are great tools for those who are ...
Don't make the mistake in assuming that you will automatically get your deposit back when leaving your apartment.
Spring cleaning goes well beyond washing the walls and mopping the floors. Getting in, under and behind appliances and furniture is key when it comes to making your home smell fresh, and allergy and clutter free.
This paper is the Chapter 1 of my Thesis as a requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. This project focuses in embedded system and a combination of hardware and software in making a project. I make it more simple and short. Hope this will help you guy...
Why I think sharing an Internet connection in a neighbourhood or other domestic appliances may become dangerous.
Energy certificates in households could be a new tax in disguise.
There are a lot of things that we can do by saving energy. In this article I will give you some tips in conserving energy and which will also lead you to save money in your energy bills.
This page is about Changing Home Appliances frequently
This article is about the modern equipments which is having a Short life Span
The refrigerator is an essential appliance in the house or in your business establishment. Here’s how to clean the refrigerator or freezer more efficiently.
There are two reasons why you may need to change the power cord (Whip) on your clothes drier. If you move into a home built after 1999 or that had a drier circuit wired after 1999, the 3 – prong plug on an older drier will not fit the 4 – slotted receptacle. If you live in an olde...
Nothing prepared me for my first day of cleaning at Arthur's apartment.
One way to save money is to keep our purchases worth. It can be done through proper care of home electrical appliances to prolong its useful years, and find ways to reduce the energy cost. Here are some practical ways on certain appliances.
Free Apps come to your phone at great personal cost to yourself. Most free apps suck information from your mobile phone without your permission or knowledge. And this includes information you really would prefer to stay with you.
Having a home warranty means it's a crapshoot when you call in for a repair job. You just never know what you'll get.
Know the dangers of low-voltage electrical items and safety precaution that one should follow.
If you haven't already been there, it may be time to give it a look. is my newly launched recipe, review, and just plain kitchen blog. It's for all the foodies of Triond that have been following me for a year now. It's for all my friends who have been eat...
You may see "Energy Star Rating," but what does that actually mean for appliances?
Do you want to buy something? Here are ways how to save money from your electric bill. There are little things that we can do to save money especially the way we use appliances at home.
Are you always walking out of the house without turning off the coffeepot or some other power hungry device? Are you always forgetting to turn off lamps? Do things like that happen to you the morning you leave on a long road trip? You want a stay at home little helper. That helper is ...
Get ready for al fresco entertaining. Choose outdoor cooking devices to fit your needs, set up your patio and get ready to enjoy some great food, good friends and fun.
Every winter that comes around every year is different for the all the others. With every winter the cold weather comes and with it comes hail, snow and harsh and sometimes strong winds. All throughout the world where winter winds and cold air blows there are people who heat their hom...
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