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On the surface it may appear that most young people complete their secondary education, whereas in reality many have left school by the end of year ten as they feel that they do not have the skills to undertake universities studies. The truth is there are so many other options after Y...
Appreciation is the elixir of creation..I am so happy with Wiki all but one all encourage One sadly mistakes me.. for some lost hubby!
Do credit all..Some of us want all attraction of all....My way is to share what we know with all ...with decency and due respect ------It doesn't come to all all know it...
All my life I have wanted to share and pass on a lesson of appreciation which to many many rarely comes..
Just a view on how one can overcome loneliness Can you try too???
This is an inner most want of human mind that it seeks appreciation, this poem is written on that matter.
World today needs some blue rays to treat the bruises of terrorism and war threats. Buddha teaches the knowledge of balm-like relationship through better communication. His philosophy brings the whole humanity attain freedom and equality which the modern world aspires for.
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