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There is every need to be thankful to God Almighty the maker od all living things. Because in him we live, move and have our being. We exist because he want us to. An act of ungratefulness is wickedness. This poem is all about thanking God. It is to admonish and beseech us to Than...
An introduction of new poems by new poets and poetess along with their popular poems with an appreciation review - Williamsji Maveli
No need to copy other people or be fashioned after and adapted to their external superficial customs. Instead be transformed by the entire renewal of your mind. Fix your attention on our Loving Creator. Be the original you were created to be ~ not some copy others may want you to b...
Appreciation is the elixir of creation..I am so happy with Wiki all but one all encourage One sadly mistakes me.. for some lost hubby!
Do credit all..Some of us want all attraction of all....My way is to share what we know with all ...with decency and due respect ------It doesn't come to all all know it...
Meditation opens up the pathway from ourself to the spiritual realm, ultimately leading us towards enlightenment.
As we raised our two boys we were determined to teach them how to be loving and kind to all those around them, including God's animals. We hoped to place good values in them that could be carried throughout their lifetime. God truly blessed all of our efforts as we tried to bring them...
Nothing better than being loved.It brings sanity to life,it brings happiness. Its all about appreciation...
Too many times the people who inhabit our lives are never given the kudos they deserve while they are still with us in this life. We should be more appreciative of the time we have with these people, and let them know how much we value their friendship.
It is time to shift our focus from selfish pursuits to selflessness as our guiding light for inclusive society. When we share our mother earth, the air we breathe, come and leave empty handed, it is clear our pursuits should be above selfishness.
Ways to make a happier relationship through communication
As adults we lose the innocent joy of childhood. But sometimes, if we're lucky, in the winter of life, we recapture what was.
All my life I have wanted to share and pass on a lesson of appreciation which to many many rarely comes..
Just a view on how one can overcome loneliness Can you try too???
This for everybody to know and understand the values of their mothers in their lives and they should also learn to appreciate them when they still have the chance
Some appreciate purposefully ...many try to damage unknowingly and endlessly.. this poem is a tribute to the former mostly
the days before and being alone on Christmas far away from anyone or anyplace had gotten to me. i was depressed, cold and felt as if i could cry.. when i received the best gift i could of ever of asked for from a friend i had not seen or talked to in over 35 years...
This poem is a consequence of my world established critics ,who clear each and very poetry of mine ,before it is placed on the Internet and is copyrighted .Hence this salutation...
Happiness is a state of mind, and it doesn't come with swanky cars, luxurious homes or wealth. It comes from within.
We must not only tick but we must to encourage the artist clap when in presence or comment when absent Hope this message is well taken
Black Cats seldom get adopted from animal shelters, as such in 2011 Wayne H. Morris started a Facebook campaign aimed at calling attention to the plight of black cats.
Motherhood is a very challenging status that women find themselves in either by choice, or by accident. Mothers strife to do their best for their children, and in most cases they are not appreciated enough. They can be appreciated by sending them gifts or flowers, calling them over th...
Out in the cold, unrelenting sea, "Jumping Ship" no longer appeals to me. I grabbed the lifebelt you all had thrown I felt appreciated and now I'm home.
Mother's Day is coming up in many countries around the world. Can't think of what to give your Mum because she has everything? Why not write her a poem? It will be appreciated forever.
After getting the much needed inspiration to write this Poem, I decided to make it a long one, interesting to read and engaging as I try to explain the magnitude of the situation in place. I ganished it with a little bit of rhymes, so I do hope you enjoy it.
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