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Animals, whether land, sea, and air, do not distinguish between confinement in a small area and that within a great number of acres of space allotted for them by their human captors. They know their freedom is as limitless a space as the universe! - Jamie
I have enjoyed the fish-keeping hobby for 5 years now and have had multiple tanks. I've also worked in the pet industry where educating and selling people fish was part of my everyday job. Here's my guide to the wonderful world of pet fish!
If you are looking for a low cost aquarium, just read a litle and you can make it... I did it and the result was better than i expected
Replace another water tank if necessary. Glasses that are used for water tanks may come into its expiration causing it to break easily.
Materials used for aquarium stands vary depending upon the size of the tank and the esthetic requirements of the aquarist.
The size of the aquarium tank depends mainly upon what marine animals are to be held. For some fishes and invertebrates a small tank would be sufficient, but for general fishkeeping (or invertebrate keeping) nothing smaller than 25 gallons should be considered.
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