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We pride ourselves on offering top of the line advisory services to our esteemed clients where the execution may not be in our domain. We at Swiftpro specialized in providing turnkey interior solutions keeping in mind the client's requirement complimented by our professional inputs t...
This is an article that gives you 6 reasons on why you should visit Hong Kong and what you can do in that city.
This is a page on how to have a great time in Split. It is based on my experience.
An article about the beautiful city of Belgrade. It contains many valuable information about the city, for example places to visit, food to eat, information about nightlife and much more.
One night I'm sitting on the sofa in the living room of Tower Mansion. Suddenly I get this urge to wish I could travel back in time and see how Tower Mansion came about. And what do you know, suddenly it's like the place just speaks to me and I can make out its history.
To define Vaastu Shastra - Vaastu , which means physical environment and Shastra meaning knowledge or principles, is one of the traditional Hindu canons of town planning and architecture.Its current popularity stems from its focus on a wholesome approach to space and form...
The most famous example of Jain sculpture is the colossal image of Gomateshwara (the youngest son of Rishabhadeva) in Karnataka. It is the largest stone sculpture in the country.
The earliest caves date from the second century BC. While others are as late the eighth century AD. A group of beautiful carved caves at Bagh (The state of Madhya Pradesh) were also excavated during the Gupta period.
Property is an asset generally created by everyone. But the creation of asset is a lengthy process of plan of action with a clear brain and mind .. Everybody tries to create an asset with its own resources but can not reach the goal due to ...
The Chalukyas of Badami were great builders as well as art - lovers.
One Fashion designer started to use Lego blocks as jewellery, bracelets, cufflings and those are marketed by Etsy. Now the designer using Lego blocks for making handbags, purses they are very cool in looking.
In this article I introduce the reader to the phenomenom of people living in Tiny Houses, including cultural background (origins, first attempts, ecc.), explanation of it's benefits and living/work opportunities and tips for websites in order to get more information on courses, shoppi...
[i][b]Konark,Odissa[/b][/i] the place which face the Sun first in India
Recently, researchers has been found a complex of mysterious shaped that like pyramids near the Nile River with the help of Google Earth.
A large number of highest Temple towers dot the skyline of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The Tamils had been the most skilled Temple builders. These Temples are landmarks of the celebrated heritage of the Tamil speaking people.
Traveling far away places lets you explore something different, new environment and totally different cultures. A visit to Tamil Nadu is possible to help you get a great experience that can recollect forever.
The period that began in Italy about the year 1300, developed in later years in other European countries, and ended about 1600, is known as the Renaissance. This period followed what is called the middle Ages. The term “Renaissance” derives from a French word that means “rebirth...
Mahabalipuram is a great travel destination. It is a place where you can see architectural wonders, creations of the Pallava Dynasty in south-east India. You can relax and enjoy the Mahabalipuram beach. Mahabalipuram is one of the places to visit on your vacation. It is located 50 Km...
There is a unique wooden church in Kizhi Island. Kizhi Island is part of the Republic of Karelia in Russia. Nowadays many buildings in Pogost Kizhi where the church was built have become UNESCO world heritage sites.
How I extended my house for a library and study space, with an added tower and spiral staircase
Tamil Nadu is a country of temples. It has bestowed with the oldest history and culture of strong kingdoms. The sculptures and the ancient temple architecture of Tamil land served as a living example of early arts of history.
Filmmakers and producers receive incentives to shoot movies and TV shows in New York State. Buffalo, New York has hosted many stars as they are filmed in productions using Buffalo as a background. Cast and crew can spend millions of dollars as they patronize hotels, restaurants and ...
There are many ways to begin an interior design project. My suggestion is to find artwork that is appealing to you and build your room around it. The art will establish your personality, a theme, color possibilities and a focal point. In addition, my recommendation will be to inves...
I have never been to Opava, but would like to after reading some interesting facts about it. Read on to find out more.
Bath a city in Somerset, England - a place worth travelling to.
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