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Better to resist the temptation to utter every thought that comes to mind. Also do not attend every argument that you are invited to.
The Peace of God is readily available to those who accept His Son as their Savior. Others may also be able to tap into it for short periods from time to time. Though rather elusive, peace is not extremely difficult to obtain and maintain.
I just had an ah ha moment, a revelation of sorts. You see I started out in life as a person who was not heard, invisible to the world. No one cared what my opinions were and when I did have the chance to express them I was ignored, ridiculed or simply not taken seriously.
This is my public diary for consumption and critique. I hope you enjoy reading it.
How were you taught to use language at school? Were you told to write short sentences? Truth is there is no need to abbreviate your writing, you should let the creativity flow and the best way to do this is through longer sentences. Give it a try.
4 Years of university, 12 different housemates, countless interesting experiences.
It is often said is that rational argument has more chance of success than emotional argument when supporting a particular viewpoint. Most of us though rely upon our emotions when arguing for or against an idea much more that we do rationale. This questions how we think and whether we...
Just a little poem to let off some steam after an argument with the other half!
Want to get your point across without all the yelling?
A tearful telephone call from a daughter disillusioned in love, can be the hardest call to bear...yet with age, comes wisdom and with wisdom comes choice.. The path we choose to take is down to us...No one can make that choice for you..
Conflict is a very common and an inevitable episode of one’s life. What matters is how well are we able to come out of the conflict in a healthy manner without hurting the ego of the other party involved. Here are some tips for effective conflict management.
The holidays are challenging when you're broke but being with family makes it better. There are times when family is the one making you wish that you'd stayed home for the season.
you may have the freedom of speech, but dont make the best speech you will ever regret
Even the best days can turn into a disaster. Sometimes you have no choice but to start over. This was one of those days but in the end it'll all work out for the best.
I read some interesting articles and heard strange opinions about bagpipes. Lots of them say this is a very annoying sound. Here is an interesting story.
Some pregnant women demand that others respect them. I disagree with that. Pregnancy is not an illness.
Arguing is the process through which we form opinions. Lets form a constructive argument and I'll show you how...
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