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By offering superb quality across key American food categories, The Arrogant Butcher is a place where comfort food, good company, and good vibes convene in a memorable dining experience that keeps local residents and tourists, alike, coming back for more.
A hospitality approach that's simple–property strives to create memories and exceed guests’ expectations every time so they return time and time again
Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort is a fantastic family vacation spot with something fun for everyone
This poem describes how I feel about my youngest son and daughter moving so far away to Arizona! It brings me back to the pain of when my son and daughter were kidnapped by their abusive dad. I must step away from the past and look into my heart and soul for the new adventurous me!
The school shooting at East Valley Institute of Technology in Mesa Arizona took place only 30 minutes from where my children live. Read on for more details!
Unexplained mysteries attached to highway 666 are hard to ignore when you view the statistics associated with this now renamed highway. The amount of accidents is insurmountable, the paranormal incidences are too many to ignore and the so-called bad luck along this stretch of road has...
Across the nation each state offers its share of the biggest tea and coffee pots, animals, string, rubber band balls. characters, drinks, food, and items of clothing.
The Haunted Hamburger is known for having full-bodied apparitions, bottles flying off of shelves and continuous sightings of shadow people. T.Az.P.R.S. who arrived armed and ready with K-II Meters, cameras, temperature readings and EMF baselines. The investigation on the historic buil...
The National Weather Service on heat wave has this to say. It's important for people, especially for the aged, weak, and those prone to get sick at both extremes of weather, to do precautionary measures to prevent the ill-effects of this kind of harsh weather when it sets in, not to ...
A conference brought my husband to Phoenix. Since his family lives there, my son and I came, too. Saturday morning, we joined some extended family members for breakfast at TC Eggington's in Mesa (Phoenix and Mesa share a metro area). With two picky eaters on board, read on to find out...
The women in this article, Clara and Wilhelmina, have given us their permission to share their story with you which concluded their transition to the next realm or ‘Deva Chan.’ Here is how we work in assisting souls who need to move on. – Rania Sentana-Ries-Cortez
I've heard the desert described with words like "dead" or "unfinished." I spent several years living in one, and I can attest that nothing is further from the truth. And I've got a place that you simply must see . . .
The sequestration was an unstoppable avalanche of spending cuts. Government would be brought to its knees. That is, of course, unless they decide not to pay any attention to the avalanche...
Dear ones, we will continue by giving you the third file belonging to the "Question and answer Forum." You will find most writs short, but not all. These will be interspersed with other writs and articles. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries
Arizona high school students may soon have to take a loyalty oath to graduate high school, if some Tea Party Republican state legislators have their way.
My NFL Football team picks for week #1, including a short summary.
Steakhouse dining in the Old West with great food and entertainment
Old Tucson is located west of Tucson, Arizona. Basically it is a movie drop for filming western movies. You can visit Old Tucson and watch them film.
Thne male dominated legislatures in Arizona and Texas know what's right for women.
Tombstone - home of Wyatt Earp. Also home to Boot Hill were many are buried. A must visit if you are in southern Arizona.
Who would have thought that I would have loved a desert park so much!
Did you hear about the kitten, named Scruffy, that was euthanized in an Arizona animal shelter just before Christmas, 2011, because his owner did not have enough money to pay a veterinary bill? This sort of thing happens a lot. Perhaps you can change the law.
If your interested in seeing some beautiful scenery in the northern part of Arizona Verde Valley is the place to head to. The area is a draw for those who enjoy fishing, camping and hiking. Beaver Creek and Verde Valley's historic Civil War era park are just a few of the many intere...
The 2011 Christmas cards created by the young patients at Phoenix Children's Hospital/ Cancer & Blood Disorder Center are hot off the press and ready for purchase.
A book review on "Bowing Before God," a devotional that will inspire and encourage you in your walk with God. An amazing devotional, bringing with it a message of hope.
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