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Karna was killed by a ruse in the battle of Kurukshetra as related in the Mahabharta. The killing evokes strong emotions and one wonders what was the motive of Lord Krishna
Karna an dArjuna were brothers, but they had to fight. In theory karna represented the bad and Arjuna the good.
The Bheel Mahabharata recounts that Draupadi was a woman of exceptional beauty with golden hair and milk white complexion. The news of her beauty reached Visuka the snake god, who ruled over the Patal or the nether world. Visuka was enamored of Draupadi and he mounted his horse and se...
Hindu epics are not mere storied passed through generations, but have great significance in today's life. Story of Bhishma clearly tells us that a person should give more importance to truth and virtue. If he gives more importance to his relations, he may have to support al l the misd...
The great saints used many symbols in Hinduism to teach us how to live a better life. Lord Krishna is the symbol of modern day man and a close watch to his actions will give us an idea to overcome our daily challenges.
The Gita is the essence of Hindu religion and considered the word of God
Life is a precious gift given by God to uplift the soul. The bhagavad gita is a guide which teaches man how to live life in a proper manner.
The message of Gita is fresh and relevant even today. It is not restricted to the Hindus or Indians. It is a gospel for all mankind.
Women of India, it is said, have been held in high esteem. Our contemporary experience and experiences received through the ancient literature tell some different tale. This article aims at understanding status of women in India right from the days of the Indian Epics.
Please do not confuse love with sex. Love is something we should share with everyone. Sex on the other hand is best shared with a special someone we love. In any event Love is a key component to our longevity formula.
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