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First noticed in the 1930s, just after the murder of William McClain, the mysterious blue-white light, sometimes appears with an orange tone with a distinct border and it is known to move slowly through the nearby trees that run along the railroad tracks. The light appears to float an...
just an update on the weather here in Arkansas today , it is pretty messy .
My boy is turning ten and wants to meet a razorback football player .
It is so nice to know another Arkansas Wikinut. A few others have come and gone. They did not receive the same warm welcome I did, so I am hoping to do better by Manda Fowler, AKA, Web I Weave.
When it comes to supernatural activity, you either believe in ghosts or you don't. People who have experienced an encounter with a ghost refuse to admit it simply because they do not want to be ridiculed.
Time certainly flies the older we get. It's time we started considering our eternality.
With 10,000 military in the region, they would only replace towels twice per week.
My Uncle Larry was my mentor and shaped me to be who I am today.
I won over 18 prizes in 18 months by entering sweepstakes methodically.
On Father's Day, I have been reminiscing about my late father, Robert Smith Jr., the smartest man I have ever known. It is because of him that I became an educated woman and know, undoubtedly, lifelong learning can take place outside a classroom.
Great service, quiet atmosphere, and a WHOLE LOT OF SEAFOOD available at Fish City Grill.
Who will win the SEC in 2012 and go on to be the next BCS national Champions will it be Bama?, LSU?, Arkansas?, Georgia?, only time will tell, but we are here to break it all down for you.
The SEC West has accomplished an incredible feat in the 2011 College Football Season: LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas have snagged the 1, 2, and 3 rankings, respectively. One remaining regular season game apiece will determine who will go on to the big game.
Hot Springs National Park is a United States National Park located in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Welcome to my home town - Russellville Arkansas - I will give you travel information and popular tourist sites in Russellville Arkansas
Do you like adventures? Do you want experiences that give you goose bumps? Then go around Arkansas where you can find many haunted places which give you hair raising experience.
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