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The state of affairs we find ourselves in is due to our inability to coexist based on live and let live, give and take. We should come out of a vicious cycle of negativity wherein we take a view we need enemies to find common ground and unity. Life is much more than finding fault in o...
We need to look at the right place for Weapons of Mass Destruction - within our minds, how we think and act. Let us sow the right seeds to reap peace.
Peace is precious for a meaningful life and wars bring humongous misery to ordinary people. Each one of us needs to get our acts together to fight tooth and nail for peace before it is too late.
The most recent attempt in the UN at reducing the negative effects of the global arms trade failed Friday due to a combined effort by the US, Russia, and China.
Even in liberal democracies where majority will is supposed to prevail, a small minority is able to assert themselves and gain unfair advantage. This results in justice not getting delivered in adequate measure to the vast majority. We have to hold our leaders responsible to deliver o...
Our misplaced focus and priorities, playing into the hands of the vested special interest groups seal our fate. The common citizen's lives are forever compromised and short-changed. The greedy few dictate the terms and make the majority pay the price.
Instead of tackling issues at the core of societies like poverty, illiteracy, better governance, corruption, what use if all resources are wasted to destroy what have been built over ages, including those at the very root of humanity to survive?
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