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It's in the name. everyone wants someone special to be in their arms.
Thoughtless actions motivated by playing to the gallery for domestic consumption are stoking the flames of tension and war. When there are more pressing issues at home, why look for trouble far away unless it is just a smokescreen to keep the attention away from inconvenient truths. ...
In the name of beliefs, few manage to dictate their wicked agenda. The irony is the vast majority are held hostage by few by setting one against another playing on our emotions. When common sense is allowed full play, our differences fade away. Our goal is clear - mutual coexistence d...
The best way to show our gratitude for the time we are given here is by sowing the right seeds for us and others to reap the fruits that will sustain and enhance our lives. However, we are getting carried away with a lifestyle to make the sacrifices made by our forefathers futile. Tim...
Convincing students that things are real can get out of hand…until you get real. Turtles are relatively small and easy to deal with but for the octopus you need a much larger kettle. Drums beat a call to retreat when reality bites…er octopus bites.
A dream of meeting the one you love and spend the evening in a cool, beautiful night.
In this world that we call modern, the most innocent including infants and pregnant women are still forced to flee their homeland for their very survival. What an irony when leaders of superpowers play politics with their lives and into the hands of the greediest!
For today’s prompt, write a shelter poem. Shelter might be a structure like a house, apartment, or hotel. Shelter could be a tent or cardboard box. Shelter could be an umbrella, overpass, cave, or car. Shelter could be a state of mind, part of a money laundering scheme, or any numbe...
For today’s prompt, write a voyage poem. In my case, we’ll be driving along the Gulf of Mexico, but a voyage can happen in a variety of ways–even on foot, or psychologically. Heck, the process of writing a poem is a sort of voyage all its own. Happy poeming! Written for my wond...
Written for my wonderful man that I love deeply and want to be home with.
An erotic poem for the man who means the world to me.
Meet signs that may indicate heart problems. The greater the number of symptoms that feel, the greater the chances of presenting a picture of heart failure or even heart attack. Therefore, it is important to make an appointment with a cardiologist for a thorough review and subsequent ...
Greed divides society and dampens unity. We need global cooperation to move towards universal government to live in peace. The basics are falling into place.
This poem proclaims the depth and breadth of love and the shelter it provide - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Two Love Poems: 1. I melt in your arms 2. Forever, forever and ever - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
We write our life stories that will remain indelible - no one will be excluded. We all have a role to play and let us listen to the spark of conscience within to spur our thoughts and actions.
Have you ever wanted in someone's arms so very bad? Can you feel their spirit? If so, is this how it feels to you?
I decided to compile some sex Quotes as my first contribution to this site, as a newbie here, I hope your Old members would enjoy this. I dedicate this article to Funom Makam for bringing me into this community and I hope he excels the way I intend to.
Some people believe whatever happens to their country is not their problem.
Every now and then we may be allowed a glimpse into heaven a taste of things to come ... join me now ...
April PAD Challenge Day 26 from Robert Brewer to write a casting poem. Dedicated to my husband Troy.
Progress in Science & Technology is palpable but the duality of Creation makes such advancement deceptive. They can boomerang on us when we ignore the basics of what life is about.
This is my experience of being fully immersed in the wonder and the Spirit of my loving God.
sometimes in our sorrows we feel as if our heart will never mend - but this poem speaks of a time when we will smile again - and all will be well again.
At the end of everything, there stands a multitude of beings ready to carry out the last order!
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