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This is the story of one female teenager and her boyfriend whom officer Ketchum seemed to run into a lot.
The peace and quite of Christmas morning is broken by the screams of a woman.
Officer Ketchum was involved in two explosive incidents. One was juvenile while the other was deadly serious.
A stolen car chase. The thief and the victim were both drunk and both got locked up.
I have just read the very sad case about a young girl from Florida, aged only 12, who was repeatedly bullied online and in her daily life, so she took her own life. Her parents have set up a fund to help pay her funeral expenses, and arrests of two girls have been made. Read on to fi...
talks about a key issue that can easily be overlooked when being released
Believe it or not, these are real laws in various states in the US of A.
This article discusses the recent increase of professional athletes being involved with the law with numerous allegations and arrests occurring. Examples from several pro sports are given.
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