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Women you are beautiful, you have the look, you are what you need to be, mother, sister, grandmother, woman. Who can say what is beautiful, you need all kinds of beautiful characteristics to be beautiful. It's all inside of you, women you are beautiful.
Do you have the Imposter Syndrome? Anyway, read this piece and help me out.
Recently the ruling party in the Centre lost Delhi elections because it was trying to enforce biometric data for attendance of the employees of the central government.
Real progress is achieved only when there is compassion, love, understanding and inclusiveness. We are in a rut and invite wrath when we set one rule for us but cry foul when others too follow the same yardstick.
Conceit and Arrogance, self formed or encouraged by others, always lead to a fall.
The word "preaching" often reminds us of those old fire and brimstone type of preachers. They are the pulpiteers puppetting their own versions of a mind based philosophy onto us. This is why people hate such preaching. It takes them further away from truth. They feel this, and so do...
Yes some of us may respond most forcefully when this is threatened
This Poem is about the 'hard to get' attitude ladies portray to interested guys. This is a very common attribute from the so called 'high-class babes' especially. As it is said, the chase is the most interesting part of a relationship, because, all the drama, the behavioral studying a...
Bicycle riding is not what it used to me. In jeans and t-shirts on fat-tire (no speeds) bikes, we rode by the rules of the road. Spandex was something used in ladies girdles!
This page is about Arrogant Persons who are creating issues
This world is the doorway to the next, how will you prepare yourself for the journey?
Our self-esteem usually requires some positive feelings about ourselves. There IS such a thing as too much positive notions of the self, as it may limit or even impair our capacity to accurately perceive and effectively interact with the world around us.
Wishes which were written on the basis of Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata
The notion of "Absolute Certainty" is challenger with a simple illustration from physics involving the common activity of boiling water.
Discovering how to nurture the soul by learning the virtues of life
Riding a bicycle is not what it used to be. Once a simple mode of short-distance transportation, it has become a 'sport' populated by people in skin-tight plastic suits who care not a whit about anyone else.
Most of us have an ego. Some have an inflated ego larger than life. It's essential to put the ego through a gym and a workout program to hone it to right shape.
I've got responses to my first series (Biblical Love psychology) in which some emphasize on the fact such Love (the Agape) does not exist in this present world we are. But the truth is, it does and can be practical in our Lives, only if both partners adhere to the true doctrine of Mar...
What more can we say about the Agape Love? No matter your beliefs or religion, if we can love each other this way, we will live in a better world. One good point to note is: The S.I unit of Love is "yourself" If you cannot love yourself, how then can you Love your neighbour?
We usually fritter away the advantages of brilliant mind,qualifications etc by our show of arrogance. A little humility on our part could have made a difference to the battles we lost by acting self-righteously.
As I voice the reality in poetry fashion, i have had my say, no anger abides, only passion.
An examination of the word 'pride'; it's meanings and implications
Eternal optimist that I am, I hate to think of anything as hopeless. However, the longer I live I discover more and more that some relationships simply cannot be salvaged.
Here is a collection of my personal favorite quotes regarding patriotism.
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