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Start of a series of focus pieces on varying AI, tech companies.
Last year saw a steady growth in AI adoption all over the world. Industries, such as the financial sector, high tech and telecoms are leading the AI usage to better serve customers, operate in a more efficient manner and innovate quicker.
The article is all about artificial intelligence, its impact to the mankind and their future
Sextech is an area of technological development that can allow us to use artificial intelligence intelligently. Increasingly, we see the need for a sex positive dialogue in our society, and through recognising our long history with erotic language, and combining it with this emerging ...
A guide for music journalists who want to know how to create their own music bot.
The article focuses on the advent of machines and how giving power to machines, developing artificial intelligence is dangerous and can do more harm than good.
Artificial Intelligence has now defeated world champions at many games, including Jeopardy, Backgammon, Chess and the Chinese strategy game Go. Does this mean AI systems are now fully developed and able to play a more meaningful role in the world? Should they?
Is the creation of AI the greatest achievement of humankind or the opening prelude to its downfall? Some say there can only be one intelligent species on any planet and that an artificial intelligence represents the end of the road for an intelligent biological species.
Scientists have two different perspectives of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The first is the view of Artificial Intelligence as a field of science that only focuses on the process of thinking. While the second is the view of Artificial Intelligence as a field of science that focuses o...
We are on a relentless journey with no one with wisdom or clout to guide us. Robots are taking over in subtle ways and we may cease to be the masters of our destiny. The momentum is gathering speed by the day. Nature should be our best guide and when we align with its basics we shoul...
A page for Mass Effect lovers to look back over some of the game's greatest moments
Today we celebrate the birthday of Alan Turing, a man who made great advances in science and artificial intelligence. How far have we come since his birth on June 23, 1912?
With increasing complexity in Business, more and more firms are looking for a Consultancy firm to solve their problems and look for new opportunities. Over the years, the consulting industry has come up with the creative and innovative solutions to the ever changing needs of Business....
A computer has a following capabilities and limitations that you will read and know below.
A short story by about a self-substantiating AI that develops consciousness through its ternacious pursuit of life.
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